Private label

The growing trend and major marketing decision for retailers concerns the area of private label bakery products. Also, known in-store, in-house or distributor brands represent about 20% of all items sold in the United States. More and more chains are looking for ways to stay ahead of competitors with a brand that is not available anywhere else.

A private label line of cookies is the less expensive route to take and therefore far more profitable for retailers. We have already absorbed the expense of recipe research and development so that retailers can charge less but still maintain a high profit margin.

We supply a wide range of ‘Private Label’ products and seasonal treats to supermarket chains, airlines, cruise lines, restaurants and other businesses. Our experience in this area and our factory capabilities make us the right partner to supply a professional ‘full package’ solution, for the United States, Latin America and European Markets.

Wide range

We can offer a wide range of products and packaging tailored to specific markets. Our bakers can develop a concept that perfectly meets your requirements. Our experience in baking quality cookies combined with our continuous innovation and tools will assure a successful product development. From the recipe and product development to the packaging and logistics – we provide support for your brand. For more information or to explore business opportunities please contact us.

Factory capabilities

– New state of the art fully automated equipment
– Latest technology in the industry
– Hard and soft biscuit system
– Output of 2,200 LB per hour
– Belt width of 4 ft
– Complete process from flour to packaged and palletize
– Complies with the highest US standards in safety and quality
– 40,000 square feet facility