We believe that cookies should be your healthy-pleasure rather than a guilty-pleasure.

Cookies should be baked with the finest ingredients of premium quality.


Cookies should be made from 100% real butter, with no fillers and zero trans fat. Transparency and quality should be the main factors when baking an honest product.


Cookies are meant-to-be enjoyed with your favorite cup of coffee, tea or glass of milk without worrying about the ingredients used. But instead simply wonder…


how are they this good?!?


As a family owned cookie-manufacturing company, Damo wouldn’t bake anything we won’t have at home and always looking to surprise our guests.

Damo USA corp.
Quality is our commitment.

Our history

Company profile

We’re a family owned cookie manufacturer, baking together for as far as we can remember. Damo USA Corp. was established in 2010. It’s owned and operated by the Iriarte Montano family, and housed in a 38,000-sqft facility in Hialeah, Florida.

Manufacturing process

Our Manufacturing plant consists of state-of-the-art aseptic, hands-free continuous production line with a daily output capacity exceeding 2,400,000 cookies. Our high quality commitment adhere to the highest US product safety compliance and standards.


Proudly manufacturing our products 100% made in America

Proudly manufacturing our products 100% made in America